Working with Vue 3 and Go

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how to create interactive Web applications using Vue 3
  • Learn how to create a REST backend using Go (often referred to as Golang)

  • Learn how to create a secure user authentication system with Vue and Go
  • Learn best practices for creating a secure, scalable web application

Who this course is for

  • This course is intended for developers who have some experience with JavaScript, Go, and HTML


Vue.js is, as they say on their website, an "approachable, performant and versatile framework for building web user interfaces." That sentence really does not give Vue its full due. It is arguably the best solution currently available for building highly interactive, easy to maintain, and feature-rich web applications currently available. Many developers find it easier to learn than React or Angular, and once you learn the basics, it is easy to move on to building more complex applications.

Go, commonly referred to as Golang, is an easy to learn, type safe, compiled programming language that has quickly become a favourite among people writing API back ends, network software, and similar products. The ease with which Go works with JSON, for example, makes it an ideal solution to develop a back end for a Single Page Application written in something like Vue.

This course will cover all of the things you need to know to start writing feature-rich, highly interactive applications using Vue.js version 3 for the front end, and Go for the back end API.

We will cover:

  • Working with Vue 3 using a CDN

  • Working with Vue 3 using the vue-cli, node.js and npm

  • Learn both the Options API and the Composition API for Vue 3

  • How to work with props

  • How to build reusable Vue components

  • How to build and use a data store with Vue 3

  • Creating, validating, and posting forms using fetch and JSON

  • Emitting and processing events in Vue

  • Conditional rendering in Vue

  • Animations and transitions in Vue

  • Working with the Vue Router

  • Protecting routes in Vue (requiring user authentication)

  • Caching components using Vue's KeepAlive functionality

  • Implementing a REST API using Go

  • Routing with Go

  • Connecting to a Postgresql database with Go

  • Reading and writing JSON with Go

  • Complete user authentication with Go using stateful tokens

  • Testing our Go back end with unit and integration tests

  • And much more.

Vue is one of the most popular front end JavaScript frameworks out there, and Go is quickly becoming the must-know language for developers, so learning them is definitely a benefit for any developer